About ComfyPhones

We designs and manufactures ComfyPhones brand headphones, which are comfortable headphones in a headband and eyemask design. We, as a team of passionate ASMR ethusiasts, are on a mission to provide people with a better way to sleep and thus helping the community to have a mmore enjoyable and healthy life.



A soft headband with velcro adjustable to any heasd size and a comfy eyemask that do not put pressure on the eyes.


Flat speakers nested within the ComfyPhones with crystal clear sound.


A Bluetooth module is tucked inside the headband providing a wireless connection to your device.

The ComfyPhones Team

Our team of is proud to bring you a device capable of improving your sleep thanks to hard work and dedication. We never stop questioning ouselves to bring you the very best products. We strive on relastionship and believe that the best way to find solutions is to care about the wants and needs of our customers and the ASMR community in general. This is why we welcome any remark or criticism. That will really help us design better and better products.